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How to add power to teaching and engage students

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This system addresses the common question all teachers and principals ask, "How do I influence those families of the students that need help the most?" Student's behavior is frequently a main reason why their achievement struggles.

Add Power to Parenting and Add Power to Teaching combine to provide both teachers and parents with strategies to help  children at home so these students come to class better prepared, calmer, more focused and motivated, and most importantly, more confident. It is extremely exciting to watch this transformation take place.


What "Add Power to Parenting" Does For You and Your Child

  • Shows how to improve your children’s confidence and self esteemAdd Power to Parenting: Essential parenting tools to improve grades, change behavior, and teach chil
  • Ensures your children will learn more, get better grades, and have a better education
  • Reduces school related issues at home (e.g homework completion, negative attitudes,)
  • Shows how to develop character and promote children's self-control and responsibility
  • Creates greater family cooperation, provides tools to help you reduce conflict
  • Provides proven parenting strategies that create positive family life
  • Provides strategies to deal successfully with difficult children MORE>>




What "Add Power to Teaching" Does For You and Your Students

  • Add Power To Your Teaching: Improving teacher effectiveness internallyIncreases student engagement so your teaching style has greater impact
  • Reduces late homework, improves student conduct, and instills achievement motivation
  • Organize/Structures your class to get greater student commitment and diligence in learning
  • Creates a parent-teacher partnership that increases parental commitment
  • Influences families so students come to class better prepared to learn  MORE>>