Parents and Teachers Working Together = High Achievement   

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How to add power to teaching and engage students

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Achievement Synchrony is the most effective method of joining parents and teachers in the pursuit of improved achievement.

Independent and certified coaches provide ongoing support as you use the Achievement Synchrony programs. Our coaching model ensures that you can learn and understand the process for high achievement. 

While having a coach improves your experience and results, there is no obligation to participate with coaching while studying the online courses. Coaches maintain collaborative relationships with licensed experts so you have access to the most effective positive methods greater achievement.                                    Coaching>>

Achievement Synchrony provides both teachers and parents with strategies to help children at home so these students come to class better prepared, calmer, more focused and motivated, and most importantly, more confident. It is extremely exciting to watch this transformation take place.

Achievement Synchrony

  • Integrates the conditions of learning such as relationships, the emotional climate, and learning skills with the curriculum to add exceptional motivation.

    Add Power To Your Teaching: Improving teacher effectiveness internally
  • Creates alignment between the learning environments the of home and school so that students adapt more successfully to the learning conditions they find at school.

  • Harnesses peer influence and brings its tremendous influence to the learning environment of the classroom.

  • Provides a remarkable form of leadership for teachers to use in the creation of a powerful class culture devoted to learning and achievement.

  • Creates more of those exceptional moments where teachers and students are so aligned that transmission of knowledge is exceptional.

  • Generates methods which facilitate the teacher transmitting to students not only material in the curriculum but knowledge of learning acquired and used by the teacher to achieve and learn.

  • Promotes parental abilities to improve the learning and achieving environment of the home better preparing students to enter the classroom prepared and motivated to achieve.

  • Provides a way for teachers to capture students feelings which allows teachers to better engage students in the process of learning.  MORE>>