Improve Achievement for One Student, the Whole Class, or the Entire School

A Reality

When we think of improving education, many think in terms of increased funding or reduced class size. While these may help some of the time, additional funds are not always available, and reducing class size often is not possible. Reducing class size according to available research appears to be most effective in grades k-3, but only when teacher effectiveness is also high. Obstacles like class size, socioeconomic type, and cultural make-up become less relevant when teaching is effective.

Reporting demonstration schools that used the Add Power to Teaching system improved their achievement by an average of 5% and they reported a 50% reduction in conduct problems in the first month. (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RESULTS OF REPORTING SCHOOLS.) For schools working to meet NCLB or AYP requirements, this level of improvement in one year is outstanding. What you as a teacher want most is to be able to engage your students and inspire them to achieve at high levels. Federal and state boards and regulations sometimes seem to get in a teacher's way of doing this. Add Power to Teaching can help any teacher eliminate distractions and reduce pressures that keep teachers from doing what they do best--TEACH! And for teachers who struggle, this system can help them develop the skills of the most successful teachers.

Most teachers understand the value and need for parental involvement, but quite frankly, you probably would like more or better help. The Add Power to Teaching system is specifically designed to help you get parents involved in a proven way that prepares students and contributes to classroom achievement. It makes the hard work of educating easier and more effective and it makes your job more rewarding.

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(Note: Check with your principal to learn if your school has purchased a license that provides this program to you for free or discounted rates.)

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