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Add Power to Teaching Media Library Samples

(The following links are samples of the activities and contents contained in the media libraries of Add Power to Teaching for Teachers.)

Character, Achievement & Learning Activities

Students Who Consistently Misbehave

>> "Contextual Rules"

Students Who Are Capable but Unmotivated

>> "Assertive Learning"

Students Who Are Consistently Late With Assignments

>> "Preventing Procrastination and Choosing Concentration" 

Students Who Are Often Late, Absent, and/or a Distraction in Class

>> "Social Inclusion vs. Social Exclusion"

Interactive Reading, Writing, Math Activities + Character Skills

>> "All My Hyperbole"

• Core Writing Subject: Hyperboles
• Achievement Skill: Putting Off Procrastination

Early Childhood Activities

Early Childhood Activity "Teaching Patience and Self Control"Teaching Patience and Self-Control

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