Improve Achievement for One Student, the Whole Class, or the Entire School

Character & Bullying

“It can be a tremendous source of empowerment for a victim of bullying to know what to do to work towards eliminating bullying for themselves and for others, and to actually see and feel the support peer influence can provide. If you do not change the behavior or the bully, not much will ever change.”

Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby




Bullying is not new, but some of its ugliness is. Technology has advanced, accelerated, and made bullying an even more effective destructive influence. Character education isn't new either. What is new is how innovative we've become at using character development to not only change and improve behavior and eliminate bullying--in and away from school--but also use character development to improve achievement making the teaching and learning process more rewarding for everyone.

Add Power to Teaching helps:

  • Establish a school-wide culture toward eliminating bullying and raising achievement
  • Increase achievement scores by an average of 5% in one year
  • Reduce bullying and conduct problems by 50% the first month
  • Create a high-functioning classroom
  • Increase parental involvement
  • Accelerate learning and comprehension by connecting how the brain learns to your curriculum
  • Create classroom unity and a desire to achieve more
  • Reduce extra time required helping students catch up
  • Teach students how to come to school prepared and ready to learn and participate
  • Increase student confidence
  • Develop student leadership

We have been helping teachers and families for more than 15 years. If your character programs are not contributing to increased achievement and reduced behavior problems, like bullying, away from school, contact us to find out how Achievement Synchrony can help. Or click here to see results.