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Children's First Steps: Activities to Enhance Children's Mental Abilities

Children's First Steps: Activities to Enhance Children's Mental Abilities


Preschool and Kindergarten Early Childhood Brain-growth Activities Teaching: Language, Numbers, and Emotions

Perfect activities for preschools and home preschools. Add new elements of brain growth and parent engagement. Have fun developing your children's mental abilities. These activities can be used as a primary curriculum for you preschool or simply use them for fun, educational activities during the summer, or any time! Quick and easy to use.

  • 108 Teacher/Classroom Activities (Easily used at home)
  • 108 Parent/Home Activities
  • Colorful
  • Easy for parents to introduce to children immediately
  • Each activities includes:
    • Objectives: What mental skill you are developing by teaching this activity
    • Materials: What materials might be needed
    • Activity Description: Easy-to-follow instructions to implement the activity
    • Sample Dialogue: "Let's Talk About It" section provides sample dialogue you can use when discussing the activity with your children to ensure understanding
    • Related Books: Additional book titles (Books not included) that can be used along with the activity to add emphasis and fun to the activity objectives
    • Related Songs: Songs that relate to the subject of the activity that are recommended to reinforce learning concepts and add fun

How to develop healthy emotions--preschool abnd kindergarten activities

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