Improve Achievement for One Student, the Whole Class, or the Entire School

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Many students' struggles are not necessarily related to an extreme disability. Students may simply struggle with certain concepts. When students struggle with the same concepts over time, these learning struggles can become more general and affect other areas of learning until they feel like not trying any more. At this point, their emotional frustrations and discouragement are now a primary part of their learning struggles.

learning the difference between Take this reading concept, for example. If children who are confused with the difference between "b" and "d" can practice and master the skills of recognizing theses difference, they can eliminate that frustration and better enjoy reading. Left unchecked, this minor problem can grow to cause so much frustration, anxiety, and negative emotions for a child at reading time that this child will then "hate reading."

Situations like these are very common in learning. This is why we had a team of teachers write the scripts for these reading, writing and math activities–they understood these concepts to be very common, but avoidable, frustrations. Teachers also recognize the value of being able to take a little time in the beginning to help students improve abilities and confidence so they can avoid larger learning problems down the road.

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