Improve Achievement for One Student, the Whole Class, or the Entire School

How to Teach Children Character, Achievement and Memory


Character development is very likely the most important form of learning. Children who become adults with a strong character tend to be the most successful in their pursuits and in their relationships.

With these activities you can successfully teach honesty, integrity, motivation skills to work hard and empathy for others. Parental Involment

Achievement motivation is a personality trait is a personality trait usually learned at home. With these activities it makes it easier to teach your children to set goals to organize their time, to read and remember and successfully study for tests. 

You will help you teach your children how to have a great memory by using:

Meaning  (Things that have meaning are easier to remember. Meaning can be created through familiarity, patterns, and rhyming).

Organization (Organizing the information that comes into your brain helps you memorize. Grouping information into categories is one way to do this).

Attention (Memory skills can improve when you learn to pay better attention, and you can increase your ability to pay attention).

Association (When you link new information to knowledge you already have, you make associations. Associating or linking ideas together improves memory).

Visualization (Picturing vivid images or scenarios is another way to improve memory).

Chunking (Chunking is a very useful way to organize information. It means grouping or categorizing information so that you can remember each group (the chunks) plus everything inside).

Mnemonics (Mnemonics is a specialized form of association that can include making up a story or making unusual connections to remember new information).

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