Improve Achievement for One Student, the Whole Class, or the Entire School

Using Add Power to Teaching in the Classroom

Add Power to Teaching Tools Create a Classroom Culture of Higher Achievement

The most effective, often overlooked or misunderstood, way to reform education, improve teacher efficacy, and increase achievement is to be able to control the context, or environments, that most influence students success and achievement. If you can control the contexts, you can control achievement. Below are the four primary conditions or elements teachers use and develop to improve themselves, their efficacy and their ability to control the contexts that create higher achievement...for any class.

  1. Student Engagement and Attendance
    Create synchrony between your curriculum and the way the brain learns.

    RESULT:  Students are more engaged, interested, motivated, and they learn and achieve more. When students are better engaged, attendance increases. Incorporating knowledge of the way the brain learns helps you develop a teaching style that promotes improved mental strategies students learn to use on their own. You are able to teach more material faster and in greater depth.
  2. Higher Achievement
    Learn how to form a powerful and positive teacher-student relationship specifically designed to create achievement motivation.

    RESULT: This relationship of trust and high expectations is what realistically helps students gain the confidence to try hard and learn new things. It is the influencing power effective teachers can use to inspire and lead students. With positive relationships truancy is reduced and students' willingness to try harder is increased–resulting in higher achievement.
  3. Positive Peer Influence
    Shape peer influence toward high achievement so all students become better motivated.

    RESULT:   Capitalize on the power of peer influence to affect achievement for an entire class or the whole school. Effective teachers understand how to use peer influence so the entire class becomes a powerful tool for motivating each student to do and learn more, better perform and contribute, and be more respectful of others and you. You will love watching this happen!
  4. Parent Involvement Linked to Achievement
    Show parents how their involvement at home is linked to higher achievement in the classroom.

    RESULT: Students come to class better prepared to learn and participate. When parents teach achievement and learning skills at home, like you are doing in your class, your students are better prepared to learn and achieve at higher levels. Adequate participation skills eliminate fear and lead to accelerated learning. Using these methods results in faster problem solving because you have more effective solutions. Create synchrony between home and class and together promote the motivation to achieve. Add Power to Parenting makes this easy for teachers to do!
  5. Media-Rich Library
    Animated Reading, Writing and Math Activities / Participation Strategies Teaching Students: Character, Achievement and Learning Skills / Children's First Steps: Language, Numbers and Emotions Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

    RESULT: When you become acquainted with these materials, you can give specific recommendations to parents. You can provide parents with a clear understanding of not only HOW to get involved--what they can do at home to promote character, achievement and learning--but also how their involvement actually HELPS themselves and their children. Access hundreds of activities to encourage and create excitement for learning. And for parents, having these activities and support from well-informed teachers can be a great asset.

Video: Parents Preparing Kids at Home Improves Classroom Achievement

Video How parents can prepare kids for school Click the video link to see how parents and a teacher like you used Add Power to Teaching to improve achievement: “Closing The Distance Documentary: 10 Minute Clip" or you can read the Testimonials of teachers and parents.

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