Improve Achievement for One Student, the Whole Class, or the Entire School

Influence the Home Environment

Altering Negative Student Cultural Heritage by Improving Home and Family Achievement skills.

Increase student engagement by matching the environment of the classroom and the home environment. Research confirms that students achieve the most when there is a positive match between these two environments. Students whose home environment is more dissimilar to school are more likely to struggle. Teacher effectiveness increases when teachers close the distance between these two environments and help parents foster a more positive learning environment at home.

This is accomplished by inviting parents of students to collaborate with you in improving how their children participate in achievement, learning, and social activities. View samples of this process here. The Add Power to Parenting system available to parents provides home strategies–similar to classroom strategies–parents use at home to help their children be successful academically and socially. This style of parent involvement linked to the classroom becomes a powerful influence toward achievement used by effective teachers.


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