Improve Achievement for One Student, the Whole Class, or the Entire School

Legacy Foundation

Our Mission

Together parents and teachers forge a classroom and family partnership matched to create a structure for achievement and success with people. For those who participate, this remarkable partnership produces higher academic performance and social/emotional development for every student because sustained parent involvement and improved teaching effectiveness focus on improved learning, better achievement skills, and developing positive social and character traits. 

>> Click here to watch a video clip of parents and a 5th grade teacher who created a partnership on behalf of students.

We are an organization dedicated to improving education and the future for children by connecting teachers, parents and hopefully the entire community in a united effort to realistically create change and improve the way we all view our adult roles on behalf of children. At the very core of our philosophy is the belief that amazing things happen when parents and teachers care enough to work together.

Supported by businesses who are dedicated to education and their community, we strive to create innovative techniques that prove to increase achievement, improve child behavior, self-motivation, and mutual respect for others.

Sometimes as a society we lose site of what we really need to do to help children. We get caught up in new technologies, or more funding, which may be needed sometimes, but in most cases, simply adjusting the way we do things is more effective, and sustainable, with greater results.

Our organization focuses on:

  • Innovation in Education

  • Results

  • Benefits to teachers and families

  • Ease of Use

Add Power to Teaching combines all of these to offer parents and teachers a unique, powerful way to change the way we view education and our responsibility as parents, teacher, and community leaders. We don't believe education is only the teachers' responsibility or the parents'. We believe it is both. When both teachers and parents use the techniques in Add Power to Teaching teachers experience a more productive and rewarding teaching experience with greater advancement and fewer problems; parents experience improved child behavior and respect, and increased self-motivation.


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Watch these video clips to hear from parents and teachers who have used Add Power to Teaching to improve achievement, motivation, and success for children at home and in the classroom.

Parents: Ease of use and benefits to the family

Teacher: Benefits in the classroom