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Add Power to Parenting

For Confident Parents: Learn how to build character, motivate kids, and help your children academically, emotionally, socially, and behaviorally

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Add Power to Parenting: Essential parenting tools to improve grades, change behavior, and teach chil 

  1. Add Power to Parenting provides the most helpful and relevant information for parents who wish to improve their children's study habits, achievement motivation, and social success  Find "Add Power to Parenting" Now.

    The following programs are included in Add Power to Parenting:

    • The Achieving FamilyWhat to do to improve grades and excitement for learning.

    • Teaching Activities for Character, Achievement and MemoryAn activity set that accompanies "The Achieving Family." These activities are how you develop character, motivation and learning skills by helping children practice the skills and traits you want them to develop.

    • The Best Discipline for Difficult Children–How to use discipline in positive ways that connect with difficult children and limit yelling and frustration.

    • The Six Best Things Parents Can Do For Their KidsHow to parent confidently and lovingly so children behave and participate successfully in the family.

    • Teaching Children About Sex, Reproduction and Abstinence–The essential tools to teaching children the most important element of sex and reproduction. Includes sample dialogue, when and how to teach about sex.

Add Power to Parenting

  • The Achieving Family                                                                    

    • Shows parents how to improve grades and performance in school–socially and academically–by building motivation, teaching character and improving kids' learning/study habits.
    • Shows how to teach accountability and how to change behavior.
    • Provides an easy step-by-step eight-week plan parents can start immediately.


  • Teaching Children About Sex, Reproduction, and Abstinence  

    • A complete parent educational program for children of any age. It explains why parents should teach their children, it provides a step-by-step approach, and it gives parents tools–including visual aids–that help parents feel comfortable and successful.
    • Includes how to talk with children.
    • Describes what to do when it is discovered that children in the neighborhood are exposing themselves, talking about sex, or exhibiting curiosity.
    • Explains what to do when children are approached by others for sexual experience.
    • Shows parents what to do so children feel confident about their bodies.
  • The Best Discipline for Difficult Children                                     

    • Shows parents how to apply strong and positive discipline without anger and stress
    • Explains why some children possess difficult problems
    • Provides methods parents can use with emotionally intense children
    • Shows parents how to resolve learning disorders like: attention deficit and hyperactivity and autism, and oppositional/rebellious children
    • Shows parents how to solve social problems like bullying, shyness, aggression, and much more.
  • The 6  Best Things Parents Can Do for Their Kids                         

    • A research-based program of positive discipline that describes what the most successful parents do to nurture healthy children who have positive relationships with others, strong moral character, and the motivation to achieve.
  • Parenting Activities for Character, Achievement, and Memory   

    • When parents use these activities in the home, their family becomes a climate of achievement which matches that of the classroom. This combination produces high performing students.

  • 88 Reading, 42 Writing and 52 Math Activities: Fun, effective, online flash activities that help with the hard to learn concepts when it comes to reading, writing and Math. More
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  • How Children Succeed: Teaches positive character, courage and diligence. More

  • Children's First Steps: Includes 108 Parenting activities to give your preschooler the "steps" to be successful in school. More

Video of parents and teachers using Achievement Synchrony to improve achievement and student performanceClick the video link to see how parents like you used Add Power to Parenting to improve achievement, confidence, responsibility and motivation for their children and how it helped the entire class: “Closing The Distance Documentary" 10 Video Minute Clip" or read the Testimonials.

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(Note: Contact your school to find out if they have purchased a license that may provide this program to you for free or discounted rates.)