Improve Achievement for One Student, the Whole Class, or the Entire School

Achievement Synchrony provides the most relevant and important teaching and parenting methods that influence how children learn in school. Teachers use this system to break down barriers to learning and structure their classroom for higher achievement, so all students can be college ready. Parents use these online resources to solve common frustrations with learning—doing homework, behavior, and classroom conduct—and to prepare kids at home to be successful in the classroom.

For teachers and parents, these online resources provide simple, yet highly advanced techniques in an extremely manageable format. They are advanced in that they provide exponential benefits–the work you do now and students tremendously thrive academically, socially, and behaviorally for years to com. They are simple because they are designed in a step-by-step format to help users create real change without overwhelming parents or taking away valuable classroom time for teachers.

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Add Power To Parenting

The Add Power to Parenting online course provides tools for the most common parenting questions: how to improve grades, how to change behavior, how to teach kids about sex, how to best raise kids, how...


Animated Reading, Writing, Math Activites

Use these flash activities at home to help your child master reading, writing, and math skills. These flash activities implement the B.E.L.S learning methods--Brain-Growth Embedded Learning System--de...


Achievement Synchrony for Parents: The Achieving Family (Online Program)


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Congratulations! You are ready to learn how you can develop the skills your children will  need to be successful in school and in your home. Use ...


The Achieving Family

It teaches parents how to structure their family for achievement so children grow to self-motivated, confident, and responsible kids.

It provides character, achievement, and memory learning activit...


La familia de alto desempeño

¡Enhorabuena! Usted está listo para aprender cómo se puede desarrollar las habilidades que sus hijos necesitan para tener éxito en la escuela y en su casa. Utilice este pro...


Teaching Children about Sex, Reproduction and Abstinence

A step-by-step guide to teach children about sex and reproduction so children grow to be strong and confident about themselves.

Includes phrases you can use to talk with children.

Describes how to...


The Best Discipline for Difficult Children

Shows parents how to apply strong and positive discipline without anger and stress

Explains why some children possess difficult problems

Provides methods parents can use with emotionally intense c...


The 6 Best Things You Can Do For Your Children

A set of parenting tools focusing on positive discipline teaching of children so they have positive relationships with others, strong moral character, and achievement motivation.

The Six Best Thing...


Children's First Steps: Preschool Activities for Language, Numbers & Emotions

Home Preschool Activities: Language, Numbers, and Emotions

Beginning and advanced levels are ideal for preschool and kindergarten-aged kids, and they focus on growing brain abilities–making chi...


Teaching Children Character, Achievement and Memory

Character development is very likely the most important form of learning. Children who become adults with a strong character tend to be the most successful in their pursuits and in their relationships...

10 Item(s)

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