Improve Achievement for One Student, the Whole Class, or the Entire School

Achievement Synchrony provides the most relevant and important teaching and parenting methods that influence how children learn in school. Teachers use this system to break down barriers to learning and structure their classroom for higher achievement, so all students can be college ready. Parents use these online resources to solve common frustrations with learning—doing homework, behavior, and classroom conduct—and to prepare kids at home to be successful in the classroom.

For teachers and parents, these online resources provide simple, yet highly advanced techniques in an extremely manageable format. They are advanced in that they provide exponential benefits–the work you do now and students tremendously thrive academically, socially, and behaviorally for years to com. They are simple because they are designed in a step-by-step format to help users create real change without overwhelming parents or taking away valuable classroom time for teachers.

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Train Educators in Team Leadership and Innovation

Price: $14.95

We want to go far in education, at least far enough to provide all children—and especially Tier 2 students—with the achievement, social/emotional qualities, and motivation they can use to realize the opportunities our society offers everyone. While we are seeing some improvement in overall achievement in some subject areas, the gap between Tier 2 and Tier 1 students does not seem to be closing very fast or consistently—and may in fact be widening.

This Program helps Teachers and Educators learn how to be successful with Tier 2 children, by learning how to participate in an innovative climate.  They will learn team leadership and how to use it to successfully use the tools of innovation. When professional and volunteer individuals are in effective teams, they can better inspire and encourage each other when success seems distant.

High Performance Teams:

  1. Have capable leaders who work with team members to share leadership, creating a unified vision and purpose, and all team members commit to achieve it.

  2. Have a remarkable sense of cooperation and commitment demonstrated by team members who have or acquire the knowledge and skills to accomplish their mission or tasks and are willing to use these abilities to help accomplish the team’s vision.

  3. Have a set of agreed-upon practices in leadership and innovation that every team member knows about and uses, which improves communication, reduces the possibility of conflict or indifference, and creates unity around their purpose to find what is better and achieve it.

In addition this course will train Teachers how to involve parents and families to add greater influence. Perfect for Teacher development and New Teacher training.