Improve Achievement for One Student, the Whole Class, or the Entire School

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Add Power to Teaching and Add Power to Parenting provide the most relevant and important teaching and parenting methods that influence how children learn in school. Teachers use this system to break down barriers to learning and structure their classroom for higher achievement, so all students can be college ready. Parents use these online resources to solve common frustrations with learning—doing homework, behavior, and classroom conduct—and to prepare kids at home to be successful in the classroom.

For teachers and parents, these online resources provide simple, yet highly advanced techniques in an extremely manageable format. They are advanced in that they provide exponential benefits–the work you do now and students tremendously thrive academically, socially, and behaviorally for years to com. They are simple because they are designed in a step-by-step format to help users create real change without overwhelming parents or taking away valuable classroom time for teachers.

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Add Power to Teaching – Complete Program


Add Power to Teaching is a comprehensive set of online courses for Principals and Teachers which improves teacher effectiveness. It combines innovative tools for creating change in the way tea...


Activity Book: Teaching Students Character, Achievement, and Memory

These 40 fun and easy to use activities can be printed and distributed to students.

These activities make it easy for Teachers to teach these success strategies in their curriculum.

Teaching chara...


Animated Reading, Writing, Math Activities

Use these 182 flash activities in classroom presentations (average 15 minutes), assign students to review to improve skill level.

These activities combine reading, writing and math with character str...


Improving Student Engagement

Engagement is defined as students working harder and more diligently, developing better mental abilities, improving social abilities, and feeling a sense of belonging to the class and to the scho...


Make Yourself More Effective


Becoming more effective as a teacher implies change and growth. This is necessary to improve achievement for low performing students and provide additional opportunities for high performing st...


Creating Sustained Motivation

This is an innovative classroom management system that introduces techniques teachers can use to improve student behavior, participation, and achievement. This is accomplished by structuring the class...


The Hidden Power of Character

Teaching is taking students from where they are when they enter your class to some higher level of personal growth and achievement they have never experienced. You as a teacher are ahead of your stude...


CME: Character, Motivation and Engagement

Exceptional new method Teachers use to improve achievement and other forms of student success. CME (Character, Motivation and Engagement) can be used for in service, certification renewal and continui...


Train Educators in Team Leadership and Innovation

We want to go far in education, at least far enough to provide all children—and especially Tier 2 students—with the achievement, social/emotional qualities, and motivation they can use to ...

9 Item(s)

"Add Power to Teaching" provides the tools to make classroom teaching more effective, more engaging and rewarding. Includes 21st Century teaching methods to engage and motivate kids, and influence the homes of students.