Improve Achievement for One Student, the Whole Class, or the Entire School

A Reality for Parents

To maximize opportunities for your children, your involvement and commitment will be necessary. Knowing what to do, or having the right tools at the right time is what makes good parents good, and parenting easier. Add Power to Parenting makes this process easier for you because it is an effective parenting system that provides the most effective methods to improve your children's behavior when needed, help motivate them, and influence and improve their abilities to learn in the classroom. Why rely on anyone else to develop your children? You are your children's greatest influence for good.

When you structure your home for achievement, research shows this to be the most effective, long-term solution to improving student achievement, enhancing children emotionally and socially, and preparing them for the demands the future holds. Achievement Synchrony  provides teachers with resources to help parents help their children be more successful in the classroom. It provides parents with easy-to-use parenting tools so they can know what to do to promote good behavior, motivate a child, and prepare kids to be successful in the classroom and in the future.

Video: Parent-Teacher Cooperation, "Parent Involvement Linked to Classroom Achievement." Video: How Students Benefit When Parents and Teachers Work Together

The Achieving Family lays out the steps to follow so you can be an active part in your child's learning and development. It requires as little as 20-30 minutes a week and is simple so ANYONE can be successful.

Product Contents & Features:

  • Online Training Program: "The Achieving Family." VIDEO: Improving Behavior Using "Help or Hurt?" language.
  • 184 Reading, Writing, and Math Interactive Activities that give children a head start in core subject areas and simultaneously teach successful participation strategies for the classroom. Example: "All My Hyperbole" • Core Writing Subject: Hyperboles • Achievement Strategy: Putting Off Procrastination
  • 72 Home Activities Teaching: Character, Achievement, and Learning--Powerful, easy-to-use activities to help you correct problems or actively improve your child's learning, social abilities and motivation to achieve.
  • 12 Videos that help you learn and implement The Achieving Family in your home.
  • Children's First Steps: Teach young children Emotions, Language and Numbers and prepare them for success in school. 216 activities (108 activities for parents and 108 for teachers) for grades Preschool and Kindergarten.

Features for Parents:

  • Easily find and keep up to date with calendar events or special notices from teachers
  • Link to multiple kids' teacher's profile pages--all your kids' teachers are one click away
  • Use recommended activities to enhance your children's level of responsibility and social and learning abilities
  • Establish a close working relationship/partnership with your children's teachers
  • Easily find teachers and add them to your account for quick communication and synchrony
  • Communicate about your child with his/her teacher and learn how you can promote each child's success now instead of waiting for parent teacher conferences.
  • Make suggestions to teachers about how they can promote the success of each child
  • Receive progress reports from your teacher to show how your teacher-parent partnership is working.

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(Note: Contact your school to find out if they have purchased a license that may provide this program to you for free or discounted rates.)

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