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Innovation in Education: Adding Power to Teachers and Their Influence

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  1. The Add Power to Teaching system is an online resource that provides the most effective methods for teachers to engage students, structure their class for greater achievement, and improve their teaching effectiveness. If you are thinking this is just "one more thing," STOP. If you've played a sport or an instrument, practice was not "one more thing." It was the essential element to improving your abilities. The experience you gain with each new school year is not "one more thing." Everything new you learn each year makes you a better teacher. Just like practicing for a sport or an instrument, and gaining experience and improving skills each year, Add Power to Teaching is a simple, naturally flowing model you follow to enhance your teaching abilities–making you more effective and adding power to your ability to influence students.  Order Now

    Programs included in Add Power to Teaching System:

    • Make Yourself More Effective: Changing Yourself and Changing Your Students
    • Motivation: Structuring the Class for Greater Achievement
    • Accelerating and Improving Student Engagement
    • Teaching activities for Character, Achievement, and Memory
    • Character
    • "Children's First Steps" Brain Growth Activities: Language, Numbers, Emotions / Ages Preschool and Kindergarten
    • 83 Reading Activities (Reading Levels 1,2)
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      47 Writing Activities  View Samples
      52 Math Activities View Samples

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Teacher Effectiveness and Enhanced Achievement

The online tools for teachers provide a simple but powerful model of creating the high level results teachers want for their students. Teachers use the teacher effectiveness system to simplify their classroom–streamline for efficiency and eliminate distractions–so they can enhance engagement and motivation and eliminate obstacles to learning. By organizing your classroom so students apply achievement skills, character education, AND learning strategies, you create a classroom climate of greater motivation for all students that leads to:

  • higher motivation and achievement,
  • improved student responsibility and accountability and
  • fewer behavioral and achievement distractions. 

Extend your reach and influence student's families

What really sets our system apart from other programs is that its reach is not limited to the classroom. With online activities and resources designed for home use, teachers can effectively extend their influence into the homes of their students. With increased parent commitment to higher achievement–using online home activities and parent-teacher communication tools–parents can join teachers to form an amazing partnership in preparing students and taking them to higher levels of achievement and greater opportunities for success. 

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(Note: Check with your principal to learn if your school has purchased a license that provides this program to you for free or discounted rates.)