Improve Achievement for One Student, the Whole Class, or the Entire School


I think it’s an easy program because the two basic things of “it’s helpful or it’s harmful.” The class meetings take very little time. Once you get started, it’s a program that will carry itself.  You can have a class meeting pretty much scheduled once week, but the great thing is you can just do a quick class meeting when you need to. And you can say something and draw from that lesson when something happens in the classroom. You can hit it immediately and they are respectful of that and they understand that we need to address something.

Shauna Rasmussen, Teacher


“I think that this has impacted me as a parent totally positively, because as a parent, I am working on the things that we’re learning about too. So, when we teach about respect and being accountable, I realize that that applies to me too, and that if I want to really be a good mother, I have to be accountable for the choices I make in regards to parenting my children. One thing I have noticed with [my husband] and I, in particular, is we are communicating about the children and about where our family is going a lot more. We’re saying, ‘We are working on this. How do you think it’s working in our family? Are we doing well at it, or do we need to teach it again? Improve there?’ I just think that has been a tremendous thing for our marriage and also helping our family move forward.  We’re not just coasting along hoping everything turns out OK. We’re consciously working at what can we do to make our family better.

  Michelle, Parent


My motivation, I think, has gone up to a higher level, I’ve been more into it.  Because I want to study more and I’ve been writing notes.  I’ve been listening a lot better and doing all the lessons that we’ve learned.  The positive attitude has helped me a lot in class to get my motivation going better.

Tia, Student





“I have been impressed with the professionalism, materials and training which you have offered our staff.  The concepts taught through Add Power to Teaching are timely and needed in schools.  This program connects students, teachers and parents in a positive and meaningful way.  Our teachers can see the value of this long-term approach and we are finding that our students are responding to various situations at school using the hurting or helping language.”

Peter Fawson, Principal


“This course has had a significant impact on the climate and student interactions in our classrooms, as well as over-all school discipline.  It introduced to us your powerful approach to developing personal integrity and accountability in the lives of children.  At first some of us were slow to risk actually trying this out.  Once attempted, the potential for change and improvement were self-evident.”

Kathryn H. Spencer, Principal


“They offer the possibility of eliminating many of the repeat offenses and discipline infractions.  Getting the students to take more responsibility for their actions and examining the question—‘Does it help or does it harm?’—puts correction and change back on the individual.”

Don Robert Dowdle, Principal


“We used Add Power to Teaching as a staff book study process to really challenge our way of thinking about expectations of student behavior.  There is significant learning to be accomplished by educators when they consider  this model and its vast implications for developing character in our next generation of citizens and leaders—the learners in today’s classrooms and schools.”


Dawn Olson, Principal

Flandreau Middle School, S.D.




“I’m really glad I had the opportunity of taking the Add Power to Teaching course.  I know it has helped me with the way my class behaved this year.  It was interesting to see that the students could see exactly the things we were doing that were good and the things that we could to make our class better.  They decided that they would try to raise their hands before speaking, be nice to other students, be in their seats on time etc... This was nice to have them decide the things to do to make our class better instead of me just telling them.”

Deniece Ord, Teacher


“Every year I look forward to starting school.  I enjoy taking a group of individuals and molding them into a cohesive unit.  However, despite my good intentions for [character development], I come up short of the mark every time.  I never knew what to do or where to exactly turn for the type of answers I was looking for until our in-service on Add Power to Teaching.  I feel it has not only empowered the teacher, but more importantly each and every student.

Shawna Brooks, Teacher


“My two children are both at Nephi Elementary and have discussed the use of the program from within the context of their classrooms.  Therefore, I can now reinforce more at home too.  I am excited about what I have learned and have incorporated so far.


Sharon Kay Butterfield, Teacher




“I learned a whole new approach to parenting that is very different than the way I learned from my parents and will help my family tremendously.  My biggest regret is that I didn’t know this correct way to raise my children.” 

Sandi Brenda, Parent


“Changing our attitudes about how we respond to our children and becoming more relationship oriented has been great.  I am very thankful for this opportunity to learn.  Thanks.”

Linda Bigler, Parent


“…..I know that everyone learned, enjoyed and benefited from this [program].  We have noticed in our home a sweet spirit of unity and cooperation because of what was taught.  This [program] is a must for any parent and we are grateful that you have put such a valuable course together.”

Johnathan Duke, Parent


“…..As a parent of varying ages and a high school teacher, I found [this parenting system] enlightening and helpful.  The principles are phenomenal and can be applied right away.  It helped me be a better parent and teacher.”

Gary Bluess, Parent

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